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Just realised that I hadn't done an toot with this account. So...

I'm a 41 year old Scot.

First time dad of a 3 and a bit month old daughter (so perpetually tired)

Married to @sk and we cohabitate with a 7-8 year old rescue dog.

As of late January I'm and this has inspired my re-found love for .

Other interests include (but not exclusively):

politic-y me @asovereignscot

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First post!

I'm not exactly new but I've just built a new instance by which I hope to entice family and friends to join.

My instance is called nippon:alba - Japan:Scotland in each nation's native language. So called because the majority of my friends and family are located in Japan or Scotland.

My Scottish politics profile is on an up and coming instance ( : @asovereignscot - if you live in Scotland or are interested in Scottish politics then join there!

Location:ๅ…ตๅบซ๏ผˆHyogo JAPAN๐Ÿ‡ฏ๐Ÿ‡ต๏ผ‰
Doudan azalea became full bloomed by "Ankokuji" in Hyogo prefecture. It looks like a picture as seen from the room.



Today's kitchen!

Curried, roasted carrot & cauliflower and kale soup.

A quick and tasty salsa

Apple chutney

Obviously not a coherent meal in of itself but tasty elements!

Over 2 days in the USPS depot in South San Francisco and my "priority delivery" laptop is still "pending acceptance".. what the fuck does that even mean?

Nothing screams priority (delivery) service than a package sitting in a depot for 2 days pending acceptance.. or alternatively not updating the tracking page for 2 days with accurate information.. well done USPS, nailed it!

I know it's still the 17th in Canada where pixelfed was born.. so maybe there is more to come?

I'm failing to understand the definition that has been applied to the word 'launch'.. looks the same as last time I logged on.. is it just that there is a production ready download available (albeit not yet federation ready)?

Supportive of the project just failing to to see the significance of today, following the build up.

Not going to pretend that I am as familiar with the insides of an optical mouse as I was with a "ball mouse" but mine all of a sudden feels like the "ball" which I presume it doesn't contain.. has come very loose.. time for a new gaming mouse me thinks!

Hey @Purism looks like there is something up with your 'my account' webpage, instead of the module loading I'm just seeing [woocommerce_my_account] ..

.. eagerly awaiting one of your laptops and was hoping to see if it has been dispatched.

Good, productive day in the kitchen prepping several kilos of beetroot (golden, red and chioggia) then pickling some, juicing some, grating some and pureeing some.

Also made kimchi from a big green cabbage, steamed and pureed apples and carrots (our daughter started weaning!)

Also made a fennel oil, though i suspect this would be better with fresh rather than dried fronds.

#Edinburgh #Yes #Independence march

Estimated 100,000+ marchers. Lovely sunny day. Great atmosphere. Gutted I wasn't there.

Images from curious_laddie & smicht on Twitter

Discovered 'Lullaby Renditions of Star Wars' today and then subsequently noted the eerie prescience of 'Dual of the Fates' when watching my baby daughter and our dog interact..

Just watched 'Solo: A Star Wars Story'.. and no doubt much to the chagrine of a few of my more 'film-y' friends.. I thought it was alright..

it wasn't particularly innovative or ground-breaking but decent light entertainment with some references to parts of the expanded universe which I don't think have previously been mentioned in the movies.

I don't remember Teras Kasi being mentioned before in the flicks but as a big part of the first mmorpg I played.. Star Wars Galaxies.. felt good.

Hey, .. do you have any suggestions for Scottish/Scots/Gร idhlig children's rhymes or songs that I can play/sing to my baby daughter?

I rediscovered a few over the last few days that jogged some long forgotten memories and would like to expand our repertiore!

Versions not necessarily sung by a lead soprano from a parish would be appreciated.

Paper lanterns. Of course these are mostly advertising or shop signage, this one says "teppanyaki", but it's still nice.
#Kyoto #Japan #photography #mastoart

Something unexpected happened.. and I've found myself playing for the first time in 6 years (a few days since I started)..

Was just a test initially to see how it ran on linux..

My old guild is still pretty active too, by the looks of things.

A waterlily in a pond at the Manpukuji temple near #Kyoto.

The main difference with my Scottish waterlily pictures is the quality of the light. Not that it never rains in Japan, but I was lucky ^_^
The lily is a bit different too, with smaller leaves and the flower is raised above the water level.

#photography #mastoart #japan

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