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Just realised that I hadn't done an toot with this account. So...

I'm a 41 year old Scot.

First time dad of a 3 and a bit month old daughter (so perpetually tired)

Married to @sk and we cohabitate with a 7-8 year old rescue dog.

As of late January I'm and this has inspired my re-found love for .

Other interests include (but not exclusively):

politic-y me @asovereignscot

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First post!

I'm not exactly new but I've just built a new instance by which I hope to entice family and friends to join.

My instance is called nippon:alba - Japan:Scotland in each nation's native language. So called because the majority of my friends and family are located in Japan or Scotland.

My Scottish politics profile is on an up and coming instance ( : @asovereignscot - if you live in Scotland or are interested in Scottish politics then join there!

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i've got a novel coming out soon! i'm going to be talking about it more often! because i'm excited!

if you'd like to be notified when it comes out, i have a newsletter:

i won't spam you. i'll pretty much send it out like, twice a year? maybe 3 times if something exciting happens?

boosts welcome. :D

Second response in from Edinburgh's Crossborders.. though in fairness to other brewers, I am still in the process of contacting them.. these are just exceptionally quick responses.

First response comes in from Stirling's own Fallen Brewery within 30 minutes of sending them an email.. *hattip*

Going to a craft beer festival in Edinburgh this weekend! First as a though I'm not anticipating it being any different from previous festivals.. very few beers are going to be off limits..

However, to be prepared I'm going through the brewery and beer list and pre-determining what is and isn't on the table..

.. glad I have a beer at hand or I'd be salivating more than my teething baby!

Spent 5 hours in the kitchen today, actually cooking and prepping.. not just loitering.

Introducing our baby to kale this week with a nice butternut squash, purple sweet potato, garden pea and kale puree.

Made a beetroot, carrot, apple, pineapple, mango, cucumber & pomegranate juice.

Pickled some cucumbers which we'll be able to eat in about 5 weeks time..

Then made this for dinner..smokey maple marinated baked tofu & 5-spice fried rice with vegetables.. tasty!

Just watched 'Outlaw King' on netflix and am all full of emotions.. I thought it was really well done, seemed pretty authentic and Chris Pine did an admirable job at not over-playing the Scottish accent..

Possibly if we had been taught more about our own country's history at school then I'd have spotted more flaws (only 2 very minor ones)..

Without spoilers, it did seem a strange place in the story of The Bruce to end the movie..I do hope means there will be a sequel.

.. indyref2 now, please

My baby girl turns 6 months old tomorrow and if I understand the terms and conditions correctly we will no longer be able to return her.. at least not without onerous paperwork and probably some outlandish admin fee.. so probably for the best all round that we decided to keep her.

.. and to celebrate we're moving her into her own room and me back into my bed!

Tonight's dinner was one of my favourites, black pepper tofu.

Recipe courtesy of .. so easy tasty! the only problem is that we're going to lunch with friends who just arrived in Scotland from Japan and haven't the time or energy to cook a vegan friendly dish..

That's not the problem of course.. the problem is that as I'm taking it for lunch tomorrow I couldn't have seconds..

But on a more positive note, I just discovered that Cockburn's Special Reserve is vegan friendly.

We are preparing to release federation support and we want your feedback!

Can you think of any safety, privacy or security features that we haven't announced or already support?

We appreciate any ideas/feedback that can make :pixelfed: more safe and secure. #pixelfed

Apparently my purism Librem 13 v2 with UK keyboard running PureOS has an issue with pipe key mapping which doesn't exist any longer on Librem 13 v2s with UK keyboards.. according to the support forums.. I must be imagining the hash and tilde responses when pressing the keys then.. my mistake.. clearly..

Soo.. anyone with a @purism laptop with librem key able to point me in the right direction for any sort of clue as to how to configure and start using it?

Since we started weaning our baby a few weeks ago she has tried:

Sweet potato
Baby rice

For the next week or so we are preparing:
Butternut Squash
.. more carrot and beetroot.

I'm pretty sure that's a more diverse selection of fruit and veg than I had through my entire childhood...

In a slightly related note, my house is entirely bereft of decent whisky.. it turned out that I only had one glass left.. and gave it away.. to someone I only met today.. whilst I stomached some barely drinkable swill that came free with a newspaper subscription..

We had some of my wife's friends around for lunch and drinks today and I served up my perpetually with evolving take on Gaz Oakley's ultimate chilli.

Twas a hit all round and whilst I doubt that I've made any converts it's always good to see changes in perception about what food can be.

Still some left for dinner too!

Ethiopian (berbere spiced) stew with butternut squash and lentils. #vegan #willcooks

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