Just realised that I hadn't done an toot with this account. So...

I'm a 41 year old Scot.

First time dad of a 3 and a bit month old daughter (so perpetually tired)

Married to @sk and we cohabitate with a 7-8 year old rescue dog.

As of late January I'm and this has inspired my re-found love for .

Other interests include (but not exclusively):

politic-y me @asovereignscot

@fitheach @sk @asovereignscot 😜 you did not, those were in Japanese and were Japanese, Japan & Tosa-ben - a dialect of Japanese from my wife's part of Japan.

@jk @sk @asovereignscot
I suspected something like that...

2018 and these things still don't display correctly. Harumph!

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