I may have inadvertently discovered the truth about microsoft time.. you know when (back when you used windows) an update says '7 minutes left' and finishes 77 minutes later..

.. so far this evening we've taken about 3 hours to get through 2 x 50 minute netflix shows..and we've still "11" minutes to go..

.. the individual in charge of programming time mechanics for MS operating systems had a 6 month old baby.

Having experienced this exact same phenomenon, but with a different root cause, I humbly submit an addendum: "or a Doberman."

They are the neediest dogs on the planet.

@whami haha, I like it, in my young teens I lived on a new building estate, so we moved into a house on a street which was finished but around us streets and houses were still being built.

The site watchman had a doberman as a guard dog.. stunningly beautiful creature, but I had an ankle-high mongrel so never got to see him.

A few years after leaving we visited relations on the estate.. and I was charged at by the doberman.. pinned to a garage wall.. and then thoroughly licked from ear to ear!

@whami whilst I'm sure they are high maintenance I'm sure they totally worth the effort! (as I should obviously say is our thankfully, momentarilly sleeping daughter!)

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