Day 1 nearly coming to an end and I've probably stood for about 2/3 of the day..

.. never has it been more patently obvious that my almost two decades of bar work are a distant memory.. My back muscles are pretty tired!

However, I did feel alot more alert and productive whilst standing.. even tidied most of my desk.. as my wife would eagerly confirm, that never happens.

.. Now to inject coffee directly into my spine to summon the energy to look after my daughter for the next 4 hours.

@jk Nice work! Did you mount everything on a riser to achieve that? I've been gawking at sit/stand desks. Maybe I should just raise my laptop 3 feet instead.

@trevdev no, I bought a pre-built adjustable frame which sits on top of my desk. wasn''t particularly cheap but cheaper than buying a sit/stand desk - though they have the benefit of being able to carry a lot more weight.

I mostly just need something that'll hold a laptop up. I'm one of those weirdos who works with one screen

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