Current mood: Pissed off at couriers who falsely claim that they attempted delivery of a parcel.. when they demonstrably did not, at least not to the address it was supposed to be delivered to.

No 'attempted delivery' card left..

Not only do I have a particularly sensitive ear when my baby is asleep but our dog barks at any sound at all from outside our house.. neither of us heard anyone approach or knock our door.

Oh and perhaps the clincher.. I have security cameras.. no attempt was made.

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There was a spate of burglaries in the area a year or so ago, so yep ourselves and our neighbours upped the security considerably.

Sorry to hear that. I was thinking it was just for your parcel deliveries.

We're always getting deliveries dropped-off at neighbours. The courier drivers are measured on time spent on the road, rather than accurate deliveries (or so it seems).

Yeah happens all the time here too especially as neither my wife nor I drive so they assume that no car in drive equates to not being in and they then deliver to neighbour rather than attempting our door.

Hopefully, the burglars don't make the same assumption.

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