Took down my friendica instance today (I was the only account on it).. the intention was to have a FB like option for moving friends & relatives over to the light side.. but I think instead I'll stick with mastodon and point those who are not keen on the multi-columned layout to halcyon or brutalist (or possibly consider moving to pleroma as it has UI options built in)

This frees up some server resources to experiment with a 2nd nextcloud instance as a potential talk proxy.

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@jk I commend you for your efforts. I gave my friends and family the complete rundown on what's what in decentralized, free (as in speech) social media. Not a single person came and stayed over.

I just phone and visit those people most important instead.

@trevdev I've still to initiate the effort in to really get them on board (sort of 2 over so far), still experimenting with different techs to see which is the easiest to adopt.. and therefore easiest to explain.. but I'm getting there.. I like friendica but I don't see the point in running a node alongside a mastodon instance anymore..

would be great if mastodon had in-built UI options though.. I love the multi-columned view but it can be overwhelming for those not used to it, I think.

@johnnie I really like it (but for all of the right-wing diasporans) but I actually think even though it resembles FB a bit, it's probably more complicated to try and explain than mastodon/pleroma.. time will tell but certainly no need to host both.

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