Enjoying some offerings from the Moor Beer Company this evening, the first was a smoked dark ale and the second is an absolutely delicious "decadent" porter.

This is amoor, eh!

Today's perusing material.


Our St. Andrew's day dinner.. perhaps not overly traditional but all of the vegetables were grown locally so a nice hat-tip to the produce of Scotland.

Roasted celeriac topped with wilted rainbow chard, roasted beetroot, braised carrot and fennel and sauteed garlic and chilli chestnut mushrooms.

Alba gu brΓ th!

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Spent 5 hours in the kitchen today, actually cooking and prepping.. not just loitering.

Introducing our baby to kale this week with a nice butternut squash, purple sweet potato, garden pea and kale puree.

Made a beetroot, carrot, apple, pineapple, mango, cucumber & pomegranate juice.

Pickled some cucumbers which we'll be able to eat in about 5 weeks time..

Then made this for dinner..smokey maple marinated baked tofu & 5-spice fried rice with vegetables.. tasty!

Tonight's dinner was one of my favourites, black pepper tofu.

Recipe courtesy of .. so easy tasty! the only problem is that we're going to lunch with friends who just arrived in Scotland from Japan and haven't the time or energy to cook a vegan friendly dish..

That's not the problem of course.. the problem is that as I'm taking it for lunch tomorrow I couldn't have seconds..

But on a more positive note, I just discovered that Cockburn's Special Reserve is vegan friendly.

Today's kitchen!

Curried, roasted carrot & cauliflower and kale soup.

A quick and tasty salsa

Apple chutney

Obviously not a coherent meal in of itself but tasty elements!

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