If you're an advanced user looking for #Alternatives, you might like to check out switching.social's most overlooked sections:

๐Ÿ‘ฉโ€๐Ÿ’ป ๐Ÿ‘จโ€๐Ÿ’ป Alternatives For Advanced Users - sites like switching.social but aimed at technically-aware people

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#Hive is a UK-based wholesaler-owned bookshop with home delivery or collection from local indie bookshops (who get a cut of the sale):


You can also adopt a local bookshop, who get a cut of your orders regardless of delivery method.

Pro Tip: If you want to be *really* supportive of your local bookshop, phone/email them to order through them directly. Price and delivery time is the same, but they get a bigger share of the price.

#AlternativesAtoZ #Books #DeleteAmazon

@bijoused completely agree, I've always loved cooking but before becoming vegan that love rarely manifested itself..

.. since turning vegan, I've climbed up a few rungs of the cooking ladder.. and also I think because a lot of ingredients are "new" it's a lot of fun to experiment with different ways of cooking them.. the more you learn the more honed your skills become and the better the end result is... cooking now is a passion more than a pastime

My food was described as "restaurant quality" today by my wife's friend.

Whilst I'm sure that was 99% Japanese politeness, I'll humbly accept the complement anyway.

Of course as a complement "restaurant quality" is somewhat vague.. after all not every restaurant is equal.. so I'll just have to internally allocate rosettes/stars/hats as it'd be impolite to interrogate the complement giver any further ๐Ÿ˜œ

..and she has left anyway so..

@bijoused indeed, already had 95% of the ingredients and whilst it was time consuming, it was a great deal of fun.. also given that the guest's husband is not overly useful in the kitchen I probably didn't need to "try so hard".

My wife's best friend from uni came to visit today so I was instructed to impress her with some vegan cooking..

5 hours in the kitchen and said challenge was a success!

Made a jerk seasoned chickpea pizza (base, bbq sauce and seasoning mix).. some quick pickled cucumber and onions. Herby & "cheesy" popcorn.. some fresh juice and lentil soup for my daughter (first time trying red lentils, turnip and leek).

No pictures as I was in pure cooking mode.. but needless to say, I now need beer!

*Only dictatorships jail peaceful political leaders.*

It isn't just Forcadell.

Nine leading Catalan politicians have been in jail for over 12 months awaiting trial. Potentially facing 25 year sentences for sedition. Four of the imprisoned are on hunger strike.

In Europe, in the 21st century.


For trying to achieve independence democratically.


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With that final proof reading session over, my first term of being the spouse of an MSc student is finished and I'm now officially "on holiday"!

I'm not sure that she has the capacity for caring, that probably requires some sort of upgrade to her positronic brain ๐Ÿ˜œ

Enjoying some offerings from the Moor Beer Company this evening, the first was a smoked dark ale and the second is an absolutely delicious "decadent" porter.

This is amoor, eh!

It beggars belief that the opposition aren't using this to try and force a general election.. probably too scared that they'd win (of course there is little polling evidence to suggest that they would)..

@fitheach I have a feeling that this is just another political stunt to divert attention away from .. well reality .. as much as I'd love to see the racist ice queen dethroned.. I'm not sure that any of the those ballsy enough to think they could sort this mess out will have anywhere near enough support to topple her.. and .. if they do, what happens when Boris Johnson or Rees-Mogg are sworn in to replace her..

.. of course either should make that Scottish evacuation button that bit bigger.

โ€œBase yourself at Gairloch in Wester Ross and explore its rocky coastline, where youโ€™ll discover numerous sandy beaches lapped by the clearest water, including Big Sand and Redpoint.โ€ buff.ly/2KW4cw4 #Scotland #photography #Schottland

geklaut bei: twitter.com/tripplannermama

These pictures were taken at about the same time as the ones I just posted but I switched the camera to a manual setting that captures better the actual colour and darkness.
The #photography #nofilter #noprocessing #mastoart

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