with some trepidation 不安に駆られながら

I view future developments in my department with some trepidation as one of colleagues that I respect is leaving for another post.

I have mixed feeling about his leave 😭

introvert 内向的
extrovert 外向的

I think I am extrovert. On the other hand, my husband @jk describes himself extroverted introvert. I wonder most IT people are like that..? 私は外向的だと思います。一方で夫は自分のことを外向的な内向的だと表現してます。ITやってる人はほとんどそうなのかな…。

I learnt these words long time ago but I still struggle to remember so hopefully writing them here helps me memorise them.

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I'm enjoying living in a country where the culture is quite different to my own. It feels good to be learning and adapting all the time. I'm drawn to #Buddhism and try to practice #meditation every day. After years of work, I've returned to being a student and I'm attempting to learn a second language. I watch too many movies, and recently started to try and learn how to play #Go. I'm a big fan of spicy Asian food, and I'm currently experimenting with intermittent #fasting.


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Extreme weather 異常気象(いじょうきしょう)

A torrential rain and a record-breaking heat wave in Japan, an unusually hot summer in UK, and now a heavy rain in India.. extreme weather all over the world😭


I am seriously concerned with the future of Earth..

tendonitis 腱鞘炎(けんしょうえん)
a pain relief patch 湿布(しっぷ)

I have been using a pain relief patch for my tendonitis on my left wrist.

It seems that in the UK a pain relief patch is not common so I had to ask my mum to send some over from Japan. My doctor told me to rest the wrist well but that is impossible for a mother-of-three-month-old-daughter.. 😅

dull/blunt (刃物の)切れが悪い
whetstone 研ぎ石

We bought a Global whetstone because some of our knives are so dull.

切れが 悪くなってきた包丁があるので、グローバルの研ぎ石を買いました。

I've never used a whetstone and have only seen my mum and uncle using it back home. It feels like I have stepped up to the next level😜

Iced decaf soy latte at Starbucks + content daughter after a massive poo explosion = victory


My very first Mastodon toot. Unlike Twitter where I used to tweet things randomly, I would like to have a theme or two on Mastodon and I am still thinking.. at the moment, I am considering using it to brush up my English as I have been feeling that my English vocab has been noticeably decreased over the past few years. Input is important, but I definitely need more output..

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