tendonitis 腱鞘炎(けんしょうえん)
a pain relief patch 湿布(しっぷ)

I have been using a pain relief patch for my tendonitis on my left wrist.

It seems that in the UK a pain relief patch is not common so I had to ask my mum to send some over from Japan. My doctor told me to rest the wrist well but that is impossible for a mother-of-three-month-old-daughter.. 😅

@sk Hoo boy - reminding me of the fun and games while travelling in Japan: I went down with a bad attack of sinusitis, and so it was left to Loving Spouse to go to the pharmacy with a note I wrote with a dictionary and a local friend's help. (By way of vocabulary - despite my pain, I was delighted to learn that 詰まる was used, like in English, to describe both clogged drains *and* noses.) #japanese #travel #illness

That sounds aweful! Dealing with illnesses in a foreign language is always challenging.

@sk You're very sympathetic, thank you! As you know, I think from your own dealings, it's not only just vocabulary, but also locally available (or not) items.

During a sojourn in Japan, I discontinued a number of my supplements because I already had so many things on my import permit due to restrictions on my prescription meds. At least the #japanese are able to deal with our cases in #english, thanks to their websites.

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